Giftware Items

Welcome to ARISE-SUN

Arise-Sun Ltd has 15 years experience in producing and high quality crafts and 21 years of export and import. We started the root production of furniture and unique root pieces.Please access [root products] to see what we have for all your personal needs. We then teamed up with Boogie Beach Boxes with there line of great gift items we work together with the lead Artist designer producing the same and even better quality by adding magnets to all the boxes. The line of giftware is produced by imported old growth woods,Red cedar and many other old growth wood such as maple,douglas fir,red and yellow cedar,balsam fir,yew and birch. We have any gift items to choose from for you. Please click on our [Boogie Beach gift] line. With all our experience in wood producing we are are highly interested in making any exclusive custom lines you have in mind.With hands on quality control and our own custom kilns we guarantee all of our finished products.